Our Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the virtual / online yoga classes?

For $35 per week you can get unlimited access to our: - 4 Weekly classes - Pre-recrded yoga classes - Future Workshops - Healthy food recipes & tips These are all available on our Private Facebook Group!

How do I get access to the 'Club Cassiopia' Yoga Facebook Page?

If you would like access to our Facebook page, feel free to sign up to our yoga membership & enjoy a 7 day free trial. When you sign up, we will send you a confirmation email with the link to the our private Facebook group. Save this link as we will post the zoom link on it to join the class.

What will I need to bring to the online yoga class?

We recommend bringing setting up a space that will always be where you join our yoga classes! Thing you'll need are:

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Yoga blocks (alternateive: big books)
  3. Yoga bolster (alternative: cushions)
  4. Yoga strap (alternative: belt)

What days are your classes?

We will have our yoga classes on a Wednesday!

Will I be able to do the classes if I'm located outside of Australia?

For sure you can, if you are international please email us so we can accomodate you in the times we do the classes.

What currency are your prices?

All of our prices are in AUD.

Is doing home yoga beneifical?

Definitely is! Take a look at why we love yoga at home:

  1. It’s so Convenient: No travel time, no baby sitters, no traffic, no stress & it’s almost impossible to be late.
  2. Comfort of your own home: You can have the environment exactly the way you like it... music, candles, plants, crystals, it’s your space!
  3. Feel good factor: A lot of us can feel intimidated or uncomfortable in a studio environment, especially when we are beginners, being at home allows you to rock up in whatever you’re most comfortable in & move in a way which is safe for your body without feeling judged.
  4. Small Classes = it's easier for you to get SEEN, HEARD & HELPED. This is also a much safer option as your teacher can SEE you in real time who understands you & your capabilities, levels, injuries & style. They will help you get the most out of your home practice. Small classes also mean you'e able to be closer with your only community & teacher.
  5. Cheaper! After a tough year it’s good to save money & still support small local businesses that you love, whilst maintaining your self-care routine!
  6. We love kids & pets: We welcome all our youngsters & fury creatures as they enjoy the company of us mummies & owners at home!
If this sounds like something you are wanting, join us with our online membership or our 7 day free trial from $16.50 per week! Live streamed & recorded classes available. Book Now!

How do I book a class?

All of our bookings are through TryBooking! You can book here, select the day & time then to confirm you will need to pay :)