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Online Yoga Classes

Our online yoga community has a variety of 3 styles of yoga livestream classes, meditation & mindfulness practices every Wednesday that are offered to members. Our classes are suited to every level of experience, with a focus on Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga.
Weather you’re an avid yogi or perhaps you haven’t stepped on your mat in a while, our online platform has something for everyone!

Hatha Flow

All Levels

Hatha yoga is a traditional yoga that is moderately paced, gentle introduction to basic yoga poses. Hatha combines breath work (Pranayama) & slow deliberate movements to build strength, flexibility & mindfulness.

Vinyasa Yoga

Intermediate Level.

Vinyasa yoga is breath initiated practice that connects movements smoothly together creating a flow. Usually, one breath per movement, the sequences are dynamic & not always limited to typical yoga poses, making it fun & challenging movements on the mat!

Yin Yoga

All Levels

Yin yoga is a slow meditative yoga that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine practices with asanas that are held for longer periods of time (3- 5 minutes), this style of yoga targets the connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments & bones) to improve mobility whilst allowing you to tune inward & sit with your thoughts.


All Levels

Guided journaling & meditation with mindfulness practices and breath work. No postures.

Joining our Classes - The Process

Taking part in our Virtual Yoga Class has never been easier. Our classes are $35 per week you get unlimited access to our weekly classes, recordings, workshops, healthy recipes & tips which are all available on our Private Facebook Group!  


Sign up to our weekly membership!

Sign up to our membership & enjoy the 7 day free trial!


We will send you a confirmation email with the link to the our private Facebook group.

Save this link—we will post the zoom link on it to join the class.


Install Zoom on your computer.


*Pro tip: test out your audio and video to make sure that they are both working properly.


At the time of the event, simply click on the link to join.  You should receive a prompt to open Zoom on your computer. Click “Open Zoom” to open the program.

That's it—you're in!